What we are

Well&Often is a publisher of fiction, short fiction, poetry, art books and literary anomalies. We publish printed works, audio books, and digital editions.

What our deal is

Why do you love a good story? What in a poem makes your temperature rise? Who wrote the last thing you read and how could they possibly have written it? So many questions and, sadly, we don’t have the answers. In fact, we’re looking to publish work that keeps you asking these questions, work that prods the sweet spot where literature and real life intersect.

    Some things we believe

  • A book should be as beautiful as the words inside it.

  • The author should be as much a discovery as the book itself.

  • Sometimes a book should exist whether or not it’s sellable.

  • Poetry should be accessible.

  • Design is good.

What our other deal is

The founders of Well&Often value the importance of educators, those who provided us the tools to forge our futures. We hope to honor teachers and educators by publishing work that can inspire and empower them to continue empowering their students.

We’re a small press so we’re free to publish well and [maybe not that] often.