June 2012


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    How To Read The Reader

June 2012

In the Classroom: Simple Creative Writing Prompt: How I Created This

Age group: Can be scaffolded to work with Middle/High School/University

1. Pre-Writing Activity: Read Alec Betterley’s Under the Influence Piece on Songwriting

Read the piece aloud. What moments, or word choices help bring this writing to life? Where do you feel connected to the story, or “let in” on the process. Did you feel a secret was revealed? How did the personal entry points of the writer help us connect to this story about he creates a song?

2. Write a personal essay, song, story of poem…

describing how you make something. It can be as simple as making a bowl of cereal, or a kite. It can be something very complicated, like carving a desk out of a tree trunk, or giving instructions on how to break up with someone kindly. No matter how simple, nor how difficult, write it in great detail. Take the reader through each step. Notice how Alec Betterley personifies the piano and makes his writing warm. How can you make your writing interesting, alive and warm? As always, show us, don’t tell us. Paint each step.

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Written and Developed by Caits Meissner for Well&Often

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