February 2013


  • Artwork by Sophie Roach
  • Editors:
    Tishon Woolcock
    Caits Meissner
    Anna Meister
    Nora Salem
  • Editor's Note:
    I Know You and You Know Me

February 2013

after WCW

by Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

I did not eat the plum
in the icebox

a glimmer of sweat
dots her purple dress

her scooped neckline
a knotted stem brown and curled

as the arm you throw carelessly
over me in sleep

I did not eat the plum
in the silver icebox darling

I saved it for you

About Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Cheryl is the author of three collections of poetry,Raw Air, Night When Moon Follows, and Convincing the Body. Her poetry can be seen in Diane Samuel’s Lines of Sight, a permanent exhibit at Brown University. A graduate of Stonecoast MFA program,Cheryl is working on a memoir and a new collection of poetry.
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