November 2012


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November 2012

Things The Block Taught Me, Part 1:

by Camonghne Felix

Lesson 1:
Finish The Job.
When Tasha died, we figured that she had been
zippered open
neck first
like a spayed swan.
I am fourteen. I am only as large as my fists. I am being
introduced to the bold swagger of knuckle to bone.
It is the worst drug. A girl curls under the drag of my left hook.
I am only as large as my fists. I am a giant
extinguishing a bulb.

About Camonghne Felix
Camonghne Felix was featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices as a member of the Urban Word 2010 team, who became the 2010 National Brave New Voices Champions. In 2011, she was the 17th slam ranked poet in the world. Camonghne has opened for esteemed writer Sapphire, author of the book PUSH and has been honored to share stages with Talib Kweli, Common, Rosario Dawson, Mahogany L Browne, and La Bruja. You can find her work in various publications, including Pank Magazine and Kill Author Magazine. She writes about the small things that happen when we’ve stopped looking.
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