January 2014


  • Artwork by Adrian “Viajero” Roman
  • Editors:
    Tishon Woolcock
    Caits Meissner
    Anna Meister
    Nora Salem
  • Editor’s Note:
    On Installations and Goodbyes

Contributor: Aichlee Bushnell

Aichlee Bushnell is a poet among other things. Currently residing in her hometown, Philadelphia, Aichlee has also lived in Oakland, California and Salvador, Brazil. A Cave Canem fellow, Aichlee holds an MFA from Mills College and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. A former co-editor of 580 Split, Aichlee is currently the copyeditor of Generations Literary Journal and an editorial assistant for Coconut Books. Her work has appeared in Breakwater Review, Mythium, and Transition Magazine. Her manuscript of poems about Sally Hemings still needs a home but until then, you can find her writing at aichlee.com.